Predictive Services

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The result of Industry 4.0 is, that many companies think about how to create more efficiency, higher productivity and / or better service. The IoT-DC ( Internet-of-Things-Data-Communication ) Platform is a connection software which bundles the local product information, communication infrastructure, data analytics, and business apps of an IoT deployment into a single platform.

Traditionally connecting sensors and devices to your business applications takes a lot of effort. The IoT-DC platform simplified this process by bundling the software and communication infrastructure to only one piece. You just need to implement a wireless hardware and a data communication to the hardware. That could be NFC, RFID, Low Power Bluetooth or WLAN. This could easy result in services like:

Predictive Maintenance

Customers can use IoT-DC to gather data about their product operations, optimizing corrective and preventative maintenance, improving system uptime, enhancing service availability, and prolonging equipment lifetime.

Predictive Diagnostics

Customers can use data gathered during maintenance and held within the system to retain, extend, and enhance the expertise of their workforces time.

Predictive Marketing

Customers can use data to identify how equipment is used in production or field and use the insight for more relevant and accurate product development.

Predictive Services






Basis Web Application        





Basis Mobile Application





Data transmission  from Smartphon App to Web Applikation





Data transmission  from Web Applikation to Smartphone Application





Data export via CSV-File        





Data export via Web Sevice Interface





User Logo at the Web Applikation





User Logo at the Smartphone App










Extended Reporting










Extended Dashboard with KPIs        











IoT - Data Communication
The Link between Sensor and your Company Server

Demo-App für Adroid

You can download the Android Demo App from the Google Play store or direkt from our Server. 

Please contact IS-LINE for the Link and Password of the Demo-Web-Page