Isahaya IGBT Driver & DC/DC Converter

From small to large capacity devices are covered. Over 25 years of our experiences and technologies are concentrated to this product family.


Hybrid IC Type


These devices are the core product family of our standard hybrid ICs.
Other than driver circuits, we lineup products with built-in short-circuit protection circuit and gate power supply. If you use the hybrid ICs in your equipment design as Electronic block, the products greatly contribute standardization of design and parts.

VLA552-01R VLA567-01R VLA500-01R VLA542-01R


Unit Type: IGBT Module Non-Mountable Type

These products are unitized by setting hybrid IC type gate driver mentioned above as the core and incorporating gate power supply and the peripheral parts. These products are very useful to evaluate our hybrid ICs promptly.

GAU205P-15252A GAU212P-15255 GAU405P-15252 GAU605P-15252


Unit Type: IGBT Module Mountable Type

These gate drive units can be mounted directly for specific packages of the middle and large capacity IGBT modules. Mounted on IGBT, the devices have the merit of space and are easy to handle.


VLA536-01R VLA553-01R VLA559-01R



DC/DC Converter

We offer wide range of product families including isolated type, non-isolated type, low voltage input, and high voltage input devices. Gate power supply for driving IGBT and IPM and high voltage wide input type of control power units are fully lined up. These small and high isolation voltage (2500Vrms) products are the best suited for control power supply of industrial machinery.



High-Voltage Input Isolation Area

For applications in general industrial machinery, we focus on high voltage wide input type of products featuring wide input voltage range. We prepare products which can accept main voltage of 200VAC for industrial use, or direct current high voltage rectified from 400VAC, and the acceptable voltage range are wide. Specially, these products are best for applications that the supply power fluctuates widely such as solar power generation and UPS applications.


VLA315 series VLA313 series VLA312 series

Low-Voltage Input Isolation Area

If isolation is needed for IGBT module driver, gate power supply for IPM control, or power unites for microcomputer, sensor, and other peripheral control, these products are very useful to arrange the power supply discretely. We fully lineup products with isolation voltage of 2500Vrms.

M57140シリーズ VLA160シリーズ VLA107シリーズVLA128-24153QR


High-Voltage Input Non-Isolation Area

These products are useful for control power units of industrial machinery, which is low cost-oriented, such as electrical appliances and low capacity inverters. We prepare products which can accept main voltage of 100VAC or direct current high voltage rectified from 200VAC system.

M57184N-715BF VLA417-153R VLA418-050R


Low-Voltage Input Non-Isolation Area

In many cases of designing electrical devices, the design would be changed suddenly and power supply for additional circuits would be required. These power supply module products are best to locate power supply easily near the circuits as Electronic block.

VLA219-241260 VLA217-241218 VLA202-12051

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