Consensic is a provider of MEMS sensing solutions. We produce innovative and competitive sensors to enable highly advanced integrated systems solutions in a very small package.


Singlechip integrated silicon pressure sensor is a high intelligent and accurate measuring instrument, it is calibrated and measured by full temperature area, and equipped with evaluation circuit ,which applied for kinds of component cabinets.

The pressure measurement application range: ± 2.5kPa(relative value) to 3.3MPa (absolute value). It is best choice for different application fields with high durabilities and 0.25% accuracy, includes:

  • GPS navigation Indoor and outdoor navigation Leisure,
  • sports and health monitoring
  • Weather forecast
  • Vertical velocity indicator (rising a/falling)
  • Fan power control

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The 3-axes accelerometer is the low power high performance capacitive three-axis linear accelerometer developed by micro-machined technology. The device is available in a 2x2x1.1mm land grid array (LGA) and it is guaranteed to operate over an extended temperature range from -40°C to +85°C. The sensor element is fabricated by single crystal silicon with DRIE process and is protected by hermetically sealed silicon cap from the environment. The device features user selectable full scale of ±2g/ ±4g/ ±8g/ ±16g measurement range with data output rate from 1Hz to 1 kHz with signal condition, temperature compensation, self-test, motion detection imbedded. The da213 has a self-test mode for user to check the functioning of the sensor and a power-down mode that makes it good for handset power management. Two independent and flexible interrupts provided greatly simplify the algorithm for various motion status detections. Standard I2C and SPI interfaces are used to communicate with the chip.

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