Serie AA und AB (analoge Sensoren)

  • AA-Serie (analoge Sensoren)
  • AAV003-10E - Präziser kontaktloser Stromsensor für ± 80mA
  • AAV004-02E - Kontaktloser Stromsensor für ± 5 A mit integriertem On-Chip-Verstärker

Serie AD (Sensoren mit digitalem Ausgang)

Sensoren Drehzahl und Encoder Anwendungen

Sensor Evaluation Kits für NVEs GMR und TMR Sensoren

  pdf-File Beschreibung
AG001-01: Analog Sensor Evaluation Kit

The NVE GMR Engineering Evaluation Kit (PN AG001-01) was created as an aid to the technical user of GMR sensors to facilitate laboratory experimentation and development.
AG003-01: GMR Current Sensor Evaluation Kit

This kit is designed for current sensing experimentation and development. The kit consists of four NVE current sensors of various sensitivities on a printed circuit board with varous current sensing trace configurations. The PCB has four trace geometries for various current ranges.
AG911-07: Digital Switch Evaluation Kit

This kit consists of 17 different AD-Series MSOP GMR Switches with various magnetic field ranges and output types. The kit also includes a ceramic bar magnet and printed circuit boards for mounting the sensors.
AG920-07E: GT Sensor Evaluation Kit

The kit includes one of each of NVE's analog and digital GT Sensors, two DD001-12E signal processing ICs, and several circuit boards for fixturing and testing the sensors.
AG930-07E: Angle Sensor Evaluation Kit

The kit includes a circuit board with an AAT001-10E Angle Sensor and a unity-gain buffer amplifier. The circuit board can be powered with a 1.5 V to 5.5 V power supply. An angular reticle on the circuit board aids in characterizing output versus angle. The kit also includes different split-pole magnet